Lost For Words

Lost For Words

ISBN: 0340836598

ISBN 13: 9780340836590

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Pages: 334

Format: Paperback

Author: John Humphrys

3.47 of 168

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Today programme presenter's Top Ten bestselling cry for better English in paperback for summer. From empty cliche to meaningless jargon, dangling participle to sentences without verbs, the English language is reeling. It is under attack from all sides. Politicians dupe us with deliberately evasive language. Bosses worry about impacting the bottom line while they think out of the box. Academics talk obscure mumbo jumbo. Journalists and broadcasters, who should know better, lazily collaborate. John Humphrys wittily and powerfully exposes the depths to which our beautiful language has sunk and offers many examples of the most common atrocities. He also dispenses some sensible guidance on how to use simple, clear and honest language. Above all, he shows us how to be on the alert for the widespread abuse - especially by politicians - and the power of the English language.

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